Provence Sunset-photoshoot

Provence Sunset-photoshoot

Provence a magnificent coastal region, perfect for a sunset photoshoot.

Pyia and Antonio chose this idyllic background for their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Originally from Australia, they chose a boho-chic set up for their beach pic-nic.

The soft evening light over the bay enhanced their photos beautifully.

They were able to visit the area and taste the local fish strew Bouillabaisse, the famous Mediterranean specialty of the Marseille region.

They chose a hotel in the picturesque fishing Barbour town of Cassis.

This three day stay was filled with emotion and unforgettable experiences

The love for lavender fields

The love for lavender fields

Provence has become one of the favourite international holiday destinations. This started in China with the TV series ‘Cristal dreams’  帘幽梦 yī lián yōu mèng. The success of this romantic series takes place in Provence.

The love for the lavender fields was born and since then, millions come to  Valensole to photograph the world- famous little blue flowers in June and July. 

Just like Paris, Provence is the symbol of French romanticism and every future bride dreams of being photographed in the middle of a lavender field under a deep blue sky for the best day of her life.

This is what KR Weddings does: our team of wedding professionals organises your styled photoshoot exactly where the TV series was shot.

Your photos will dazzle your wedding guests back home.

Romantic Wedding of Mei and Lin

Romantic Wedding of Mei and Lin

Mei 和 Lin 在他们的香港婚礼之前选择在普罗旺斯拍摄一组二人婚前照。他们决定在春天这个充满爱的季节里保留下他们美好的画面,所以他们选择在普罗旺斯漂亮的城堡里举行这浪漫的场景。这3天的旅程他们和他们的家人都很信任普罗旺斯的KR wedding

Mei and Lin, a fairytale pre-wedding at Chateau de Tourris, south of France.

At KR weddings, we offer a family package, which means you get to bring your family and close ones to share your wonderful pre-wedding photoshoot in Provence.

But that’s not all, we organise a gourmet wedding dinner with a private chef to experience the delight of the Southern French cuisine.

Just like our other packages, we organise 5* accommodation, restaurants and tourist visits for an unforgettable experience.

The couple will also get privacy during a couple spa session and a candlelit dinner for two.

Many french Chateaux have private grounds and chapels to organise your ceremony with one of our chinese-speaking wedding celebrants.

Just like a Disney princess, marry you prince charming just like in the movies…

An intimate summer Wedding in Provence

An intimate summer Wedding in Provence

Anthony and Thamala have two gorgeous children aged 5 and 6. They have been together for a while and they just wanted to tie the knot to seal the love they have for each other.

A big backyard wedding as they had originally planned wasn’t possible during this pandemic year so they decided to go for the micro-wedding option and postpone the big party to next year.

We arranged a pre-wedding photoshoot with fine-art photographer Audrey Carnoy in a beautiful stone private residence from the 18th century. The backdrop of the traditional stone building was stunning.

It was  grape harvest season so the couple could walk under a vine canopy with the blue grapes hanging over their heads. Anthony is passionate about wine, he works for a large winery in Aix en Provence, so the wine theme just made perfect sense.

The couple chose burgundy red  retails in their attire to match the theme. The bow tie, the bow around the bouquet, the flowers and the table settings all matched. Thamala wore a traditional red gown in honor of her Laotian origins. She also wore a traditional wedding dress by BCBG Maxazria with a fabulous open back and flowy tulle skirt. Her hair jewels was designed by Le Baiser de La Mariée.

The dinner by Verveine en Provence was elegantly served in traditional fine French porcelaine, fine cristal glasses and silverware. The styling, tableware rental  and flowers was by Rachel Sword.

Champagne from a boutique winery Champagne Couvreur was flowing and local red wine from Château du Seuil was served with the main course.

Anthony, Thamala and their beautiful family will remember their intimate celebration in Provence for the rest of their life. 

A festive Pre-Wedding in Provence !

A festive Pre-Wedding in Provence !

France has many holiday traditions that come from the Christian religion. Christmas is a Christian tradition but is now celebrated all-over the world, even in China. The wonderful folklore associated with Christmas has transcended religions and borders as it is so charming and festive. 

Many couple choose the holiday season to get married as it is original, it gives you more options with the choice of venues, outfits, decorations and flowers.

Our couple chose a festive wedding on New Year’s eve. They wanted a black and white theme, with gold accents, evening wear and lots of sparkling wine. Did you know that Provence produces lots of great sparking wines ? A perfect alternative to Champagne, locally produced at the venue : the Château Du Seuil, which makes it even more special. 

The outfits had to be a tuxedo and an evening dress, entirely embroidered with white sequins. Our bride wore a wedding crown by designer Le baiser de la mariée, instead of a traditional veil. She chose a timeless piece of jewellery to compliment her dress : a mother of pearl shamrock necklace from Van Cleef and Arpels. A little bit of fur was necessary to compliment the dress as winter in Provence is mostly sunny but sometimes a bit chilly. 

The groom chose a traditional black tuxedo with a crushed velvet pale gold bow tie. The shoes were studded with gold. He too chose a fur coat to compliment the modern look. 

For the decor, wedding designer Stephan Lohé put together an enchanting aerial flower composition. The table decor was modern with French touch. The slick tableware was complimented by fine gaze table linens. The cristal Napoleon chairs provided by chaiseslocation gave a modern touch, echoed by antique napoleon chairs that was part of a display from Rachel Sword Wedding Designer where sparkling wine was served, along with delicacies from renowned caterer La Table de Charlotte. 

Photographer Vincent Kem captured the couple under the soft, beautiful afternoon light in the château’s French gardens. Our bride’s beauty was breathtaking in her figure-hugging dress, enhanced by Make Up artist Maeva Claudon

Aerial view of the château were captured by Vincent Brizard. The festive atmosphere was very present on video with the couple having fun with sparklers.

If you would like a personalised pre-wedding all-inclusive stay, contact us at KR Weddings.

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A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Provence

A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Provence

A pre-wedding photoshoot in Provence can be an amazing experience for all.

You will be guided to the places you dreamt about and will discover your couple in glamorous wedding outfits before your wedding day.

The beautiful pictures from your pre-wedding photoshoot in Provence will enable you to have fun and create emotions with breathtaking landscapes and set up decorations.

We know that pre-wedding photos can be very important in some cultural traditions, and are an important step before the wedding… Therefore we have high expectations. We are here to offer you THE perfect moments and THE perfect pictures for you to remember during the rest of your life.

We only work with local professionnals of pre-wedding and engagement photo shoots based in South of France. They know so many gorgeous locations to make you think about love and Provence

What makes Provence perfect for pre-wedding photography ?

When you think about Provence, you hear the cicadas, feel the warm sun, discover the colorful houses and the lavender perfume. It is a travel back in time, far from the major cities. It means enjoyment and relax.

When is the best time for a pre-wedding photoshoot in the South of France ?

All seasons have their own specificities. In South of France, we do have the chance to have fantastic weather all year long. For exemple, if you want a session in the lavender fields, please note that lavender blossom season is between late June and mid-July. Other months, other landscapes, other surprises

Let’s turn your pre-wedding photoshoot in Provence with us into a new, exciting experience for your couple, no matter what !

Spring in Provence

Spring in Provence

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Provence. It a relatively dry region so most flowers bloom in spring and early summer. From the end of March, spring starts with the almond tree blossoms. In Provence, they are everywhere, on the side of roads, in fields, gardens, the almond is grown for consumption but also in cosmetics, it is one of the flagship products in L’Occitane. Then comes the cherry blossoms, there are a lot of cherry trees in Provence, just like in Asia, they favour the mild climate of Provence.

Roses are a spring flower in Provence and gardens are full of them! They climb the stone walls of medieval villages, they are particularly fragrant as the climate is sunny and dry. 

Coronilla Valentina or Mediterranean crown vetch is a yellow wildflower with a subtle smell of coconut. It grows in fields from the end of February to March. It got its name from the fact the it was discovered in Valensole the home of the lavender fields

Vincent Van Gogh famously painted the irises of Provence, they were painted by many impressionists (Cézanne, Monet), they grow wild on the side of roads and feature in every garden as they are quite a spectacular, tall blue flower. 

Poppy fields are so colourful in Provence! There are many of them in May as this wild flower sometimes mixes with lavender or sage for a red and blue mix which is a delight for the eye. 

All of these wild flowers will form the perfect backdrop for you pre-wedding in Provence.

Can you picture it?

So all you have to do is book your pre-wedding stay with us. 

We look forward to welcoming you!

Wedding shoots amidst the lavender fields of Provence

Wedding shoots amidst the lavender fields of Provence


An elegant and modern pre-wedding shoot… Let us take you to the heart of Provence !

This region has so many sublime landscapes, between medieval villages perched on hills, its vineyards and its lavender fields, it has everything to form the perfect backdrop for your photo shoot. Let yourself seduced by a romantic escapade for your pre-wedding and enjoy an all-inclusive stay


Once you have stepped out of the plane, your guide awaits you to make you discover the treasures of Provence. But first, let’s get in our executive car and check into a five stars hotel in the vicinity of Aix en Provence. You are now ready to explore! The variety of the escapes of Cézanne will enchant you. A photographer will be present to immortalize your happiness during a styled shoot on location. a table setting for two with vintage French tableware and a flower arrangement, complete with champagne on arrival. 

Once your photo shoot complete, you will discover the beauties of Aix en Provence, it’s narrow street, it’s numerous cafés and museums and world renowned market will be a delight for your eyes. 

You will also be able to experience French cuisine at its best!  A romantic candle lit dinner in a French Château is part of our all-inclusive experience. You will be delighted by the surroundings and the views, the pristine tableware and impeccable service. 

For a true southern French experience and fine -art photos to bring back home, let us orchestrate your luxury pre-wedding!

So French !

More information about lavander fields here.

What is a pre-wedding experience in Provence ?

What is a pre-wedding experience in Provence ?

Rachel and Kendall are experienced wedding planners with many years in the wedding business. They decided to put together their experience to offer unique pre-wedding packages. 

What to expect on a Pre-wedding all-inclusive stay designed by Rachel and Kendall ?

A truly magical, luxurious experience in Provence, a fully accompanied stay to the finest hotels and restaurants the region has to offer, a styled photo-shoot in the most grandiose locations with the best photographers and videographers and private, guided city tours in Chinese of the loveliest locations. 

What to discover in Provence ?

Aix en Provence. 

The city of Aix en Provence is the southern Paris. The charm of its paved streets, museums, fountains, street markets and luxury boutiques attracts discerning tourists from all over the world. It is the city where Cézanne lived and painted. The city boasts luxury hotels and châteaux with outstanding service in terms of accommodation standards, fine cuisine and spas. Guided tours of Aix en Provence are included in all our packages. 


Cassis is a coastal town of outstanding natural beauty. The cliffs fall into the sea, the charm of its colorful fishing port and in the background a medieval 12th century chateau. Fish specialities make the delight of visitors, squid, mussels and rock fish are used to make the famous fish stew called Bouillabaisse

Lavender fields. 

The lavender fields of Provence are in bloom from June to July. They make a magical background for pre-wedding photo shoots. Lavender has long been used as a medicinal plant and in perfumery and cosmetics. A visit at the factory shop of l’Occitane is a delight for the sense and an opportunity to stock up luxury cosmetics and perfume. 

The landscapes of Provence. 

Provence also has sunflower, sage and poppy fields that can be a beautiful alternative for photo shoots. Stunning landscapes are not in short supplies even in the winter season with the famous Mountain Sainte Victoire painted by Cézanne and the seascapes of Cassis


Gastronomy in Provence is an absolute must! There are several Michelin Starred restaurants in the close proximity of Aix. All use the fresh local ingredients, vegetables, fruit and fresh seafood are served with the mastery of the very best French chefs

Wedding venues in Provence. 

Châteaux are everywhere in Provence, with all different architectural styles. We work with a select number of venues that can offer a spectacular backdrop for your wedding and  outstanding service.